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you want me to tell you which movies you should see, right?

see woody allen’s midnight in paris.

also see: tuesday after christmas. yes of course it’s romanian. someone on youtube said that it looks like it’s illegal to make bad movies in romania. i agree.

and of course: once upon a time in anatolia — nuri bilge ceylan’s last.



fang island

saw these guys at brooklyn bowl a couple of days ago. they are gooood!

sunday stare


yet another summary. god am i boring!

so it’s officially spring break.

saw samson and delilah with sarah on wednesday. we weren’t expecting much but it turned out to be really good. the characters barely speak with each other but still you think you kind of know them when the movie is over.

then on thursday i saw wye oak at bowery. it was also pretty good. liked the opening band caveman too. oh and the thursday before that i saw morning teleportation. absolutely everyone refused to come with me but i had my fun. ^_^

here, check them out:

today i’m staying in and watching soccer. not going out until the sun comes out. no.

well, hello

it’s 10:20 in the morning, and i’m at the library already. does that say enough? not really. well yeah i’ve been busy lately, although can’t exactly figure out why. anyways, i just decided to skip today’s class and work a bit instead. but not before writing a summary of the last few weeks.

first things first: it’s taking the spring a bit too long to arrive. and i’m really concerned about this.

i’ve seen buncha movies and shows i should talk about some time but just in case you need an advice or two, let me drop some names. it’s not like i think anybody really cares but here goes:

movies- liked all of these very much. that doesn’t happen very often. blue valentine, dogtooth, winter vacation, heartbeats, certified copy. let me say that again. certified copy.

saw james blake @ mhow, and i’ll just have to see him again some time soon. my thanks go to alper for this but i think i paid back with a good movie. 🙂


last saturday was the lcd soundsystem show at msg. and it was just so good! i really don’t remember enjoying any other show as much. it might have been the “last ever,” but it was also the “best ever.”  i should post some pictures, but let me hipsterize them first.

books-  the one i’m really happy about is hopscotch by julio cortazar. it’s a difficult read, i’m nowhere near finishing it but i’m really enjoying it! also reading micromotives and macrobehavior by schelling, which is quite an entertaining and easy read. i go for schelling on the subway, and for cortazar in bed!

once the spring break is here, i’ll forget about all the work related stuff and will be out on the streets again as in good old days. plain as that.


oh and here is one picture i took this weekend at south williamsburg.


my hood has character