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September 2, 2011

i just had to go to cappadocia.

my parents said they’d join me.
and they did!

we hit the road around 7:30 am on a monday morning and arrived at urgup at 6:30 in the evening. after leaving our bags in the hotel and having a quick rest, we walked to the city center and had dinner. it was goood.

next morning.

it helped us a lot that my father went to (a boarding) school in urgup for two years. (he was twelve at the time but nonetheless he knew the area pretty well.

and also, it was my mother’s birthday! ❤

my father said it would be best if we went around with a tour (mini)bus, so that’s what we did. in our group were 4 italians, 2 aussies and 2 brazilians, all of whom turned out to be really cool people. (aussies being just a little bit cooler than the rest.)

this is obvious but i just have to say it: the whole place is absolutely surreal. some volcanic ash, some wind, some rain. and apparently you can get this:

or this:

you can even get a camel if you really wanted to.

at some point they took us to a pottery place. which proved useful for some reality check after seeing all these bizarre formations. the master (hallelujah!) allowed me to play with the clay a bit. i have a feeling that i’ve made a sugar bowl. or a vase.

then we had lunch at some place and i swear to god every single thing i ate tasted the same. pretty amazing, huh? i don’t know how they managed to do that. anyways, at least the wine -being local- was pretty decent. oh yeah, the cake was good too. after lunch, they took us to the goreme open air museum. this used to be a monastery complex where people carved out the rocks and built houses and churches (and some other things).

apart from the 7-story nunnery (see above) and the kitchen and the dining area, what i found really amazing was “the dark church.” this one gets very little light so the frescoes are really well preserved.

we spent quite some time there going in and out of the rocks but i should better not go crazy and upload all the pictures i have. just know that you’ve got to see this place at some point. and that you have to give me a call when you’re going there.

after the museum we took a break at a place where you can enjoy a nice panoramic view (with mount erciyes in the background — look all the way to the right)

and some turkish coffee in the foreground (also, on the right)

what else? hmm, i did some wine tasting and watched some camels chill. as you all know, camels and wine go really well together. well, that was pretty much the end of our tour. then we went back to the hotel to take a nap and perform some internet activities. in the evening we were out again for a walk. my mother and i climbed up this little hill for yet-another panoramic view. this time of urgup.

i loved this place. thanks to it, now i know what “serenely beautiful” means. i’m planning to go there again with cagla this december. let’s see if we can do it.

oh yeah, what we did the day after is a whole different story. coming up next.


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  1. Nice! I was there a couple of years ago, such amazing place. And I can hear your voice telling this story when I read it, funny uh?

  2. albi permalink

    you were there too?! man, i’m happy that i finally put an end to this and managed to see the place.

    and you hear my voice? so i sound like bla bla bla even on my blog? great! 😀

  3. Turkiye Truzim Ajansi gibi biseysin valla, insanin gidesi geliyor. sayisiz kere gitmis biri olarak oradan bu kadar mutlu ayrilani ilk defa goruyorum, saraplar muhtesemmis, yemekler harikaymis falan filan. kandirma bizi cagil, iki uc yeralti magrasi, bir iki kilise, tas ustune tas, orelet, limonlu cay, canak comlek disinda urgup goreme hatta nevsehirde ben bir olay goremiyorum.

  4. albi permalink

    😀 saraplar gayet guzel yavrum. yemek sadece bi yerde cok guzeldi. turistik yemekciyi begenmedim. tas ustune tas beni benden aldi. yeralti sehri de simdiye kadar gordugum en ilginc seylerden biriydi – ki ondan henuz bahsetmedim bile. bi dahaki gidisinde haber ver kapadokyayi bi de benle gez bebegim. hersey cok guzel olacak.

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