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rambling nature of my posts

June 10, 2011

we’re burning.

i read the elegance of the hedgehog and i think some of you might like it. a lot. click here to find out if you think i’m talking about you.

okay, no, i wasn’t talking about you really.

yesterday one of you told me to start thinking about what i want to do next. that for the first time made sense. i’ll think about it. i mean, i’ll think about if i should start thinking about what i want to do next. good.

last saturday i got sick and i didn’t know why. i still don’t know why. then on sunday i watched the french open final. it was good but predictable and, as you can guess, was easily predicted by me (and many others).

speaking of many others, you know they support cloud computing but of course žižek is criticising it (werner herzog style). this guy here, i think, is also against it. he wants us to un-cloud our files in cement:

i like him.

i found this book called strong poison in the bathroom and started reading it. old school mystery is good for you. and if you want to know why we all love a victorian murder, this guy here thinks it’s because of sexual repression, dark alleys, great detectives, and ornate prose.

let me post a picture and i’ll get back to my book. and tea. later.


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  1. Karin permalink

    This kind of writing is exactly why I love your blog… 🙂

  2. albi permalink

    🙂 bla blaa blaaa

  3. bu zizek ayni ahmet hakana benziyor.

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