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November 2, 2009

Here is the caring gentleman saying his final goodbye to Çağla’s dear sweet puppy hair. The puppy had pneumonia after selflessly defending her against pouring rain and was mercilessly left in the trash in West Village.


I hope the poor soul won’t haunt us next Halloween.


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  1. Ekin or Sermet Erkin ?

  2. Ekin permalink

    I still can’t believe that she dumped the little guy… Cagla don’t be surprised if you get an unsigned note, which says “I know what you did last Halloween” !

    @coskan, I knew it would come up, so I took the initiative, and made the Sermet Erkin joke at the earliest convenience :).

    The only sad part is, I forgot having a photo of myself doing the “furry thing out of the hat” trick. I could send the photo to the Board of Turkish Illusionists & Wizards (yeah, there is an organization like that, I just don’t know what is it good for), and become a life-time member…

  3. albi permalink

    😀 you guys are cracking me up!

    just wait until i post the “how they had fun after abandoning the puppy” photo.

  4. ciyapiya permalink

    yesterday i was in the shuttle bus coming back home.
    the girl sitting in front of me suddenly turned back and looked right into my eyes, smiling as if she was threatening :S
    i was so scared and still dont know why she smiled at me.
    i must have made a mistake !!

    • You yourself might be the mistake honey.

      You know I will always love you 🙂

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