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“The grand weather is expected to continue today…”

August 12, 2009

Okay, so here is a little story for those who complain that I don’t write much.

September 2007. I decide to go to Boston and stay at a friend’s for a weekend. He insists on taking me to see the landmarks of Boston, but I’m much more into checking out the tea places and the parks. So we keep going from one park to another and when I want to sit down again he complains a little but says “Fine!” eventually. We are talking about who knows what when a guy with a huge camera approaches, tells us we look great in the sun and asks us if he can take a picture of us for a newspaper. I say “Suure”. He asks for our names and what we’ve been doing and all that, and when I start to check out how I look, he says bye and leaves. I ask my friend “What the heck? What about the picture?”, and he goes “What are you talking about? He said he took it already, and asked for our permission to publish it.” I say “Oh, well. Who knows where it’s gonna be printed.”

The next day. We are on the front page of The Boston Globe. There is a newspaper vending machine at every corner! People on the subway are reading the paper holding it to my face!

We were famous not only for 15 minutes, but for a whole day, and Boston immediately became one of my favorite cities. Come on, I step my foot on the city and I’m in the newspaper the next day?!

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:



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